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You have been ordered  uniforms and in case the price rises do not know where to find the appropriate. Do you have a headache when you do not know the amount of products you need to set the price corresponding to how much to recommend to the company? Have you encountered the condition of ordering quality products not assurance that the price is high?

Come to Dony!!

Dony has a policy of publicity and best suits the needs of customers, the price of Dony’s products is the original price will help you optimize the cost savings of 20%.  Make sure the amount you spend is commensurate with what you get back.

Quotation of T-shirt

For more information on Dony policy of prices click here

You spend a lot of money to sew uniforms, especially when you are away from the Ho Chi Minh City. You are afraid to pay extra money for shipping products.

Don’t worry about working with Dony, You only pay for the uniform and you will not have to pay any more. Dony will pay delivery costs, ensuring the product reaches you the fastest.

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