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ROMANO is not the name of a product, but rather a brand name with a full range of men’s products: premium shampoo, unique hair styling mousse, shower gel and elegant bath salts. ..

ROMANO is the pioneer company for men’s products, Dony is very honored to be chosen by ROMANO as a partner in the uniform t-shirt.

Wishing to have the uniform t-shirt design simple but still have the characteristics express the youthful, strong ROMANO. Therefore, Dony designed the ROMANO T-shirt with a blue flange, a warm orange color. Simultaneously embroidered logos on both sides and in front of the chest to facilitate brand advertising.

Embroidered 3 positions

After receiving the ROMANO uniform T-shirt was very satisfied with the quality of products and service of Dony. Receiving the positive feedback after ordering the first  uniform for ROMANO, Dony feel very happy and hope that there will be many collaborations later.


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