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Getting customers involved in the production process is one way Dony is applying, as the company recognizes the need and convenience of doing so.  Moreover, the customer directly involved in the production process to confirm the trust and quality from the product of Dony.

You will have the choice of design, color, materials according to Dony’s advice, all the designs you request will be responsible for the design of Dony.

Or you don’t have idea about your product.  You do not know what fabric is good, Which fabric is suitable for your company’s employees, you need advice, you need to be instructed, come to Dony. You will be guided by the staff to have the best designs, with the right material for your company employees.

You will see the logo design, slogan, … the same specifications as you want. Products will only be sewn when the design and pattern are approved, so you will ensure you are satisfied with the order.

A design at Dony

Besides, you have to be annoyed when you need to exchange details, need to ask a lot of information that encountered irritating business staff, bad attitude but not sure about your time-wasting business.

Don’t worry, at DONY you will be instructed to exchange professional enthusiasm during the process of working with Dony quickly and professionally, so you can feel the easiest and most comfortable in the process of working.

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